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As a mom who has hosted many parties over the years, I know what it feels like to be that frantic host. I’ve spent hours at my daughter’s birthday party running around making the cake, hanging decorations, pulling food from the oven, rushing to ask my mom if she’d remember to make her infamous lasagne.

Then at the end of the day when the party was over, the gifts were unwrapped and the guests were gone, I realized that I couldn't remember the moment when my daughter was opening her gifts, and that everyone had to be yelling my name to come and see her reaction when she saw her cake. Most of all, I missed the giggles and surprise on her face when she saw her favourite cartoon character on the cookies I made. 

Being present at your kids party and sharing memories with your family and friends friends is priceless. And there’s no reason why you cannot have a beautiful party and leave the work to someone else.

Parent to parent, these parties are not only for your kids, but it's also for you. This is a celebration of your little human, and believe it or not, they’ll never be this age again. 

Celebration Stylists is the kid's birthday party planner you need when you're ready to enjoy the party without the work. 

"i help parents create
celebration events
 for their kids!"

Hi, I'm Kaann

"these parties
are not only for your kids,
but it's also for you"

You should be enjoying the party

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