Top 10 Unique Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Your child’s birthday party should not be basic, boring, or bland; instead, it should be one to remember! A celebration of another year around the sun calls for fun, imagination, and style. At Celebration Stylists, we understand the importance of creating an unforgettable party for your child that you can enjoy too! Check out our list of our Top 10 Unique Kids Birthday Party Ideas to spark some creativity.

Unicorns are magical and marvellous, which is what you want for the next birthday party for your child. It allows your child to experience a dream while celebrating their birthday. Not only are unicorns the symbol of pure magic, but they also radiate beauty, imagination, and iridescent colours. 

A Lego birthday party is sure to build some memories for your child that will last a lifetime. From toddlers to teens, a Lego theme will bring out the master builder in everyone!  Help foster creativity and engineering with a little help from Lego. The bold colours and strong lines will make all your decorations standout for pictures!

A Ballerina theme will keep all your guests on their toes and dancing towards your snack tables. The grace, elegance, and beauty of ballerinas are sure to shine and “wow!” your child and party guests alike. Twirl along to delicate tutus, slippers, and tights adorning your party. 

Grab your boarding pass, stow your baggage, get ready to take off, and join us for your Up, Up, and Away themed party. If you have an aspiring aviator in your life, celebrate their dreams with airplanes, blue skies, and luggage loot bags. Start your engines and celebrate the time flying for the little pilot in your life.

Butterflies are colourful and full of life, which is why they make an incredible theme for your child who loves everything whimsical, dreamy, and natural. Turn your home into a garden with beautiful wings, blossoming flowers, and rich greenery for picturesque moments to remember the day.

All aboard! Grab your lifejackets and set sail to a party theme that will be making waves amongst your guests. A Nautical themed birthday party provides a bountiful source of inspiration for entertainment and excitement for your child and their friends. Whether it’s a beach, a dock, or the ocean, set the scene and celebrate your growing child.

Step right up and enjoy the glitz, glam, and everything glitter of your circus! A Pastel Circus is the perfect party theme for your little one who loves carnival games, foods, and fun. Balloons, cotton candy, and marquee letters are ideal for adorning your home and capturing a circus celebration. The soft colours used in your decorations will create a memorable look that photographs well.

Celebrate your little prince with a royal birthday bash like none other. Adorn your space with everything elegant and refined, from gowns to crowns. A Royal Prince theme will ensure your little one is celebrated like the greatness he is. Stun your party guests with rich golds and deep blues, making your party a standout amongst the realm.

Transport your party guests to a mystical land full of magic and wonder with an Enchanted Forest party. Using both the beauty and enchantment of nature, you can create a whimsical and colourful party that creates a fairytale setting for all your guests. Let your child feel like a forest fairy princess for their special day.

While we love all colours equally, there is something special about using different shades of blue for a party theme. Blue is a simple, stylish, and serene colour that is effortless to coordinate with to create a charming birthday party for your child. The best thing about the colour blue is that it helps make other colours pop!

There you have it, our carefully curated list of our Top 10 Unique Kids Birthday Party Ideas from our team at Celebration Stylists that will take your party from basic to breathtaking.

If you need any help planning your a Unique kids birthday party please reach out to us, Celebration Stylists, and we can assist!

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